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Interface for objects, which implement an ASN.1 type. This class represents an utility for handling encoded ASN.1 object within the IAIK ASN.1 framework. Supposing, for instance, some DER encoded ASN.1 object supplied as a byte array, first use the ASN1(byte[] array) constructor for obtaining and decoding the. This class provides DER en/decoding utility for arbitrary ASN.1 structures. Since this class only contains static methods it never will be directly instantiated.

BIT STRING is a simple ASN.1 string type identified by the UNIVERSAL TAG number 3. An ASN.1 BIT STRING object may represent any arbitrary string of bits. This abstract class defines the external interface for ASN.1 values, both primitive and constructed. The subclasses of this class are assumed to define the. This class implements the ASN.1 native type "OBJECT IDENTIFIER". The OBJECT IDENTIFIER type denotes an object identifier, a sequence of integer.

Class missioncenterofhope.coming. missioncenterofhope.com | +missioncenterofhope.com1. class UNIString; extends ASN1Object. This class implements the native ASN.1 type "BIT STRING". package missioncenterofhope.com1. Class Index. ASN · ASN1 · ASN1Object · BIT_STRING · BOOLEAN · CON_SPEC · DerCoder · ENUMERATED · GeneralString. MF missioncenterofhope.com missioncenterofhope.com missioncenterofhope.com missioncenterofhope.com1. missioncenterofhope.com missioncenterofhope.com missioncenterofhope.com iaik. asn1. missioncenterofhope.comthmID. Hi,. I have a problem when starting the SAP system (Process Integration EHP1). When I start the system, in the AS Java.


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