A.C.T.S. Brigade

The Acts of Compassion Through Service (A.C.T.S.) Brigade is a branch of the Mission Center of HOPE that works directly with the poor and homeless in the greater San Diego area. Through this outreach, we hope to serve those who are not as fortunate and are living in the backyard of our city. A.C.T.S. also provide community service opportunities for our church members and volunteers.

2015 Schedule:

  • Apr 2015 - Spring Clothes Give Away
  • July 2015 - Summer Clothes Give Away
  • Sep 2015 - 911 Memorial Day of Service
  • Oct 2015 - Advertise and Collect Hygiene Kits
  • Nov 2015 - Nov 15th Winter Clothes and Hygiene Kit give away
  • Dec 2015 - Organize Inventory for upcoming new year
  • Jan 2016 - MLK Day of Service

To get involved, please contact Fernado S. Blackburn.

Orphan Brigade

Ever wanted to visit an international orphanage? This is your opportunity! Luis Mendez is a member of the San Diego community that takes groups down to various orphanages in Baja California, Mexico. Be a part of an Orphan Brigade that brings a light of hope to orphaned children in a Third World country.

To get involved, please contact Luis Mendez.

Esther Project

On the third Sunday of every month, a group of people contribute the fixings to a themed meal: entrée, sides, salads, breads, desserts (and, for seasonal times, small gifts and cards). The meal is delivered to a confidential location where a domestic abuse shelter houses anywhere from 10-15 mothers and 15-25 children of all ages.

If you would like to help out, please contact Mindy Plum.

Foster Help

In San Diego County approximately 6,500 youth are part of the foster care system. Each year, some 300 of them leave the system. After age 18 their future prospects are grim:

  • 50% will end up unemployed
  • 33% will require public assistance
  • 25% will become incarcerated
  • Less than 10% will attend college
  • Only 3% will actually graduate college

The Mission Center of HOPE, through its partnership with UrbanSurf4Kids, reaches out to the many children that are part of the foster care system.

Click here for information on ways you can help.


"Joy. Peace. Success. Healthy, happy relationships. It takes guts to say to someone, "Could you help me get there?" In combining my background in biblical counseling with my work as a therapist, my goal in therapy is to draw out the heart, build hope, facilitate open, safe communication, and help provide practical, faith building, and real life tools for spiritual, mental, and emotional change.

Before pursuing training in marriage and family therapy, I have had the joy of providing biblical counseling with couples, families, and individuals for the last 20 years. In therapy, I have worked with couples who have wanted to renew the fire in their love life and sexual relationship as well with others who are no longer communicating or have been on the brink of divorce. I have worked with parents on how to build a rewarding, close relationship with their children while maintaining clear discipline. I have counseled individual men and women who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, and childhood and partner violence, and am a certified counselor for Chemical Dependency. I have worked with children and adolescents who have a hard time sitting still in class, argue with their peers, teachers, and parents, or felt unmotivated, depressed or suicidal. Working through issues like these and others with couples, families, and individuals has given me a great respect and admiration for the amazing, resilient people I have had the privilege of helping."

-Jennifer Konzen

Below are flyers to various workshops Jennifer is going to be holding. Along with the flyers, her personal bio webpage is also listed. Feel free to check them out and contact her if you have any further questions.


Intimate Marriage Flyer Update

Prepare Enrich Workshop Flyer